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Scott Davis

Twilight, Twible or Twinsight

The three comments below were the first customer reviews I found on iTunes regarding the 2008 release of Twilight. If these were reviews for a restaurant and we read them, we would probably never consider going there. But as we all know, unless we have been sleeping under a rock, the second movie of the Twilight franchise, “New Moon”, has just reached all-time box office record history. A movie costing a mere $50 million to produce took in $200 million on its opening night.


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Week 8 – 10 essentials for biz in Kelowna

1. Make sure your website is up to date Website viewing is on the decline, so if your site is not changing, nobody is coming back 2. Contribute items to your website at least once a week There are so many great, easy-to-use CMS (customer management systems). Your site does not have to be overly designed. Simplicity is everything. Navigation is key. WordPress, TypePad or Blogger. Cheap templates are available. 3. Bookmark links to other sites and information sources It takes a lot of work to create all the content

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