Custom promotional beer label – Sublime 473ml to freedom

Custom promotional beer label - Sublime 473ml to freedom. Celebrating the end of the 2022 harvest for winemakers and brewers across Canada.
Background & Creative Direction:

This promotional give-away only beer, received a label with a fun twist of colour and music memorabilia. When you are looking for an invite for your sales staff to cold-call or visit an existing client, what incentives does your company offer? This co-lab between one of the largest beverage equipment and ingredient suppliers in Canada and a local Craft Brewery had customers calling them. Craft beer aficionados will get excited with this iconic can label  to celebrate the end of  2022 beverage harvest and pay homage to unforgettable vinyl covers and music. This custom designed beer can label features the unforgettable Sublime 40 oz to Freedom Album cover along with some other fun vibrant graphics.  It’s the perfect way to mix classic tunes with sublime sips of freedom at the end of the year – and some lucky peeps were able have their own beer can label and custom T as a unique memento too!

Custom promotional beer can label 473ml-to-Freedom


  • Celebrate the hard work and dedication of all those involved in the wine and beer  industry. 
  • Drawing inspiration from some of the most memorable vinyl record cover albums and music we love. 
  • Modify graphics with recognizable industry tools such as lab equipment and corkscrews.
  • Add a little fun play into liquor advisories 
  • Add necessary design logo elements of CellarTek Supplies Ltd. & Redbird Brewing.


  • A custom beer label that stands out from the rest and celebrates the close of another successful harvest season.
  • Fun graphic to add to give-away t-shirts
  • Customers calling up in-advance sending sizing and requesting a visit from sales staff
  • Happy customers and clients

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