Scott Davis

Scott P Davis

Scott Davis was born and raised in England. He started his work ethic as a printed circuit board assembler at the age of eight, funding his travel experience through Europe. 

Scott always dreamed of flying, and he was one of only twenty youths in England to be awarded a full Scholarship to join the Royal Air Force, an opportunity he had to forgo due to a history of childhood asthma. Scott deferred a college program at the London Institute of Photography to work in France for a year before moving to Kelowna, Canada, for its accessibility to a flight school. Scott completed his private and commercial pilot training and worked as a flight instructor. When the airline industry collapsed economically, he started his own photography studio. However, he soon realised that 35mm film was on the way out and that computer-based technology was the future of imaging. Taking on a managerial position at a retail franchise in the computer area, he developed his knowledge of technology and enhanced his IT problem-solving abilities. This fuelled the ability to be able to start a new digital print and design firm in Kelowna. Bringing the first large format printer into Western Canada and aligning with Xerox workflow methods, he established a new look to the Western Hockey Leagues rink board advertising, adding some of the first full-colour imagery and graphics we are used to seeing today.

In 1992 Scott formed and partnered Madhouse Creative. With working background knowledge in the field of digital imaging, “street-smart” marketing and the talent to figure stuff out, Scott helped grow Madhouse into an 18-person award-winning marketing agency. While partner and creative director at Madhouse, Scott worked on projects that won national and international awards and industry and peer group recognition. As creative director of the team, together they curated branding campaigns that elevated the Economic Development Commission for Central Okanagan alongside Tourism Kelowna to become one of the most desirable places in North America to live, work and play. 

Scott had a weekly radio talk show appearance called ‘Let’s Talk Social’, covering the latest media and marketing strategies. Has been a Keynote speaker and panel member at various business functions and has taught marketing concepts at a Canadian communications new media college.

Scott now works independently from a home-based office in Coventry, Warwickshire, West Midlands. Working for a few select clients, but is always open to new and exciting challenges in Marketing, Advertising & Design. Scott also offers Social Media, Marketing & Insight consultation with an emphasis on integrating new and emerging technology into business development and is available for talks and speaking engagements on such issues and their unique solutions.