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City Council Candidates Not So Social

So what can you take away from this? The biggest thing you must realise and understand is that social media is complex and very time-consuming. For those candidates using social media, there has to be a strategy plan and a dedication of time to make it work.

Am I in your Tribe?

In today’s fast-paced world, convenience and instant gratification have become priorities for most people. With advancements in technology and social media, connecting with others has become easier and quicker than ever before. By simply clicking a button, we can become fans on Facebook, subscribe to YouTube channels, and add new friends on Twitter. The speed and simplicity of these processes have made them all the more popular, especially among the younger generation who have grown up in a world where everything is just a click away. While this instant connectivity has its benefits, we must also consider the impact it has on our social interactions and relationships. With so much emphasis on speed and efficiency, we risk losing the value of genuine connection and meaningful communication.

Twilight, Twible or Twinsight

The three comments below were the first customer reviews I found on iTunes regarding the 2008 release of Twilight. If these were reviews for a restaurant and we read them, we would probably never consider going there. But as we all know, unless we have been sleeping under a rock, the second movie of the Twilight franchise, “New Moon”, has just reached all-time box office record history. A movie costing a mere $50 million to produce took in $200 million on its opening night.